Raptor Detection Technologies is strategically positioned to meet the needs of both government and private sector entities that require security solutions. Our products offer robust detection and forensics collection solutions emanating from the United States National Laboratories and world renowned universities. The patented technology is cutting-edge, yet simple and inexpensive.

Testing by the U.S. government has proven our explosive detection technology to be highly effective. Our growing number of domestic and international partners and distribution channels allows for customization, rapid implementation and superior support to customers. We are dedicated to the continued development of products with enhanced capability and solutions that meet homeland security’s dynamic and rapidly changing needs.

Developed in the demanding national laboratories of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, tested by the U.S. Navy, Explosive Ordinace Technical Division (NAVEODTECHDIV), SAFE-T® detection and forensic collection solutions now are available for a broad range of uses by personnel in the military, law enforcement, transportation, event security, bio-medicine and other fields. The secret within SAFE-T® technology is Raptor's patented molecularly imprinted polymers that capture molecules of specifically targeted substances at the nanogram level. Raptor Detection Technologies distributes SAFE-T® products domestically and internationally through our partner network.

Raptor is ready to help you protect your community and your nation by enhancing and supporting your law enforcement and counter-terrorism missions.


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Substance Activated Fast Evaluation Technology (SAFE-T)


Raptor Detection Technologies, LLC's line of “Substance Activated Fast Evaluation Technology” (SAFE-T)* products are currently being used by military organizations; they are now available to law enforcement, security and first responders. The Raptor technology’s ability to accurately assess a potential threat during a time critical situation meets a much needed requirement. Every officer can become a highly effective mobile explosive detector without the need for an expensive machine. The products offer anywhere at anytime detection capability.

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