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615 Hale Ave. N
Oakdale, MN 55128

Toll Free: 800-872-8986

Comply™ Foam Tips, Earbud Enhancers and Earphones are manufactured and sold by Hearing Components, a 3M spinoff founded in 1990 by Robert Oliveira.

An inventor with a PhD in biochemistry from Iowa State University, Dr. Oliveira holds 15 patents and is an expert on the human ear canal. His research, which he has presented worldwide, demonstrates that the shape and opening of the ear canal changes as the position of the mouth changes, making dynamic memory foam the perfect material for earphone tips.

After pursuing postdoctoral work in bioimmunochemistry and aging at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dr. Oliveira worked at 3M for 18 years, developing products in biochemical diagnostics and disposable surgical products. He led the 3M cochlear implants business for five years. He has been an elected member of the board of directors of the Hearing Industries Association and the American Auditory Society.

Contact Dr. Oliveira at roliveira@hearingcomponents.com.


Comply Foam Tips A-100

Comply Foam Tips A-100