The Smart Way To Manage Prison Cell Phone Communications

The smuggled cell phone contraband epidemic into detainee and prison environments has introduced increasing expense, officer risks, and heated debates about responsibilities, control capabilities, ethics, and liabilities.


meshDETECT is a patent pending technology and process platform that can be integrated into almost any environment interested in the smart management and availability of prison cell phones - which promotes improved detainee behavior and officer safety. While avoiding blocking technology expense and impracticality, prison cell phone calls can be monitored, recorded, and legitimate prison cell phone inventories can now replace contraband.


Eliminating the demand for more expensive smuggled and contraband cell phones, and offering a strategy that appeals to legislators, officer unions, and taxpayers alike, is how meshDETECT is revolutionizing prison cell phone access.


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meshDETECT, Secure Cell Phone Solution

Product From MESHIP LLC

When meshDETECT was developed as a prison cell phone deployment and management system, every aspect of the perfect

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