2nd Sight Gun Sights is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business that produces the innovative and effective Z-Flex® (Zone Reflex) gun sights and other products to meet the demands of today’s shooting community

We, too, are gun enthusiasts and understand that the right equipment makes all the difference between winning and…..well, let’s just say there are no awards for second place.

Our products are:

  • Based on extensive research and testing to meet the demanding needs of our customers.
  • Machined here in the USA to precise standards and tolerances.
  • Designed for combat / reflexive shooting as well as carefully aimed fire.
  • Constantly undergoing improvements predicated on feedback and requests by those who carry firearms for a living.
  • Designed so shooters can place shots fast, accurately, and consistently on target.

We are committed to earning your trust and your business by providing you with the most innovative and effective gun sights on the market.

When micro-seconds count, you can rely on Z-Flex® sights to give you the distinct advantage.


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