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SurvivalStraps are hand made in America by Tough Gear Inc. It is a small family-run company in Florida that has been in business since 2005. The company believes in supporting the men and women in uniform who keep us safe and free. This includes all military, soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, coastguardsmen, firemen, EMS, and all law enforcement; all Americans that risk their lives every day to make sure our families are free and safe.

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SurvivalStraps Bracelets


SurvivalStraps bracelets are tough, unique and ready for whatever life throws at one. They are made from military spec paracord and come in over 45,000 color combinations. It is easy to find colors to support your team, your cause, or your style. The bracelets are unique, stylish and functional piece of gear, but in an emergency situation, wearers can unravel the bracelet and deploy the paracord for use.

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