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Drago Gear™ was founded to fulfill a singular need – to provide global operatives and law enforcement personnel around the globe with the toughest, most mission-ready tactical equipment in existence.  Regardless of the challenges of your particular mission, Drago Gear offers products to support you, including precision-engineered backpacks, sidepacks, weapon cases, tactical vests, handcuffs, batons, and more.  


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Ambidextrous Shoulder Pack

Product From DRAGO GEAR

Drago Gear’s Ambidextrous Shoulder Pack enables operatives to travel lighter and longer than is possible with traditional backpacks, while still allowing access to the equipment and documents they need, when they need them. The Drago Gear™ side packs offer an uncommon level of versatility and maneuverability that is simply not possible when using other tactical equipment.

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