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BAHIA-21 Corporation, along with its partners, is bringing to the market innovative technologies and solutions. BAHIA-21 has positioned itself as a provider of security systems by offering handheld explosive vapor detectors (MO-2M family), fast portable gas chromatographs for field and lab applications (GCS-02F); and smart IED trigger inhibitors (SIZO and SIZO+families) to protect against remote controlled IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

Finally, BAHIA-21 has developed a new smart tag technology that permits tracking and reporting in real time of all personnel and vehicle movements to manage access control.


Around the world, MO-2M remains the lightest and most sensitive explosive detector, and planned product improvements will keep it ahead of the competition. MO-2M was already capable of detecting most commercial and military explosives based on NG, TNT, PETN, RDX, and TATP. To address the needs of our customers, MO-2M has recently been upgraded to detect Ammonium Nitrate (AN) based explosives.

Since its first sales in Europe in 2003, the GCS-02F gas chromatograph has been generating tremendous interest for contraband detection (explosive, narcotics, tobacco).

The GCS-02F uses a unique Multi-Capillary Column (MCC) technology for fast analysis. To address the requirements of various applications, it can be configured with different detectors, analyses samples in either liquid or gaseous forms, and has a built-in battery and pressurized tank for autonomous field operation.

BAHIA-21 is also actively promoting innovative neutron based technologies solutions developed in various research centers around the world for non Intrusive detection of explosives.

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Suspicious objects are treated as possible IEDs, and today, portable RF jammers provide the only protection against remote controlled IEDs. To avoid the major drawbacks of such systems (strong electromagnetic interference, radiation safety issues), BAHIA-21 is proposing SIZO, a new solution that precludes the triggering of IEDs by cell phones or other RF means. Two models are currently available:

  • 1.The SIZO system, designed to create a precisely delimited "Silent Zone" in which cell phones are denied reception or transmission. Because it does not radiate more power than a cellular phone, the SIZO system eliminates radiation hazards while providing an IED protection well-suited for airport environment.

  • 2.The "SIZO +" System, designed for Defense or Homeland Security applications, denies triggering of IEDs not only by cellular phones, but also by all RF remote controls.

SIZO and SIZO + are for government customers only and are not offered for sale to the public.

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BAHIA-21 and its partners have developed a system to track and report personnel and vehicles movements, and to manage access. The system calledMOTA/VETA (Mobile Tag/Vehicle Tag) uses a mix of passive or active RF tags and a network of readers and interrogators to track at various ranges all movements on a large area.

MOTA/VETA can integrate, easily and seamlessly, into current security systems to provide increasing security without disturbing operations. BAHIA-21 Tags can be read at ranges up to 400 m in open space and 10 meters inside buildings.

To make our world a safer place, BAHIA-21 Corporation and its partners are dedicated to provide only the best security solutions at an affordable cost for customer.

Security for all is our motivation.