McCann Industries LLC

McCann Industries LLC

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McCann Industries is a 100% Woman Owned Business Enterprise and is registered as such with the State of Washington, as well as a number of other states and the federal government. When you do business with McCann you may be eligible for certain set-asides and incentives if you are a government agency or a vendor to government agencies. We manufacture products for the world’s best warriors, law enforcement officers, competitive marksmen, and for serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. We do not make inexpensive products to “dress up” firearms. These are products that work because they absolutely must work and our customers often stake their very survival on that promise.

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Adjustable MOA Scope Mounts for Large Caliber Rifles

Product From McCann Industries LLC

McCann Industries, makers of scope mounts for military and police sharpshooters, have introduced a revolutionary scope mount for .338 Lapua and .50 caliber rifles. These are the first mounts to feature McCann’s new Adjustable Minute of Angle (AMOA) technology and allow shooters to switch between 15, 30, and 45 MOA. The new mounts also allow night vision devices to be attached directly in front of the rifle scope, and include a selection of picatinny side-rails for attaching lights, lasers and range finders. The design features increased strength and rigidity while channeling barrel heat away from the optics in order to minimize heat mirage. Currently the mount is being built for the Armalite AR-50A1 and the McMillan .338 and .50 caliber rifles, but new models will soon be available.

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