Company Details:
459 Jessen Lane
Suite C
Charleston, SC 29492-7979

Phone: 843-971-7455
Toll Free: 843-972-0294
Fax: 843-971-9774

Rotomotion, located in Charleston, South Carolina, designs and manufactures easy-­ to-­ operate helicopter UAVs and flight control systems. Rotomotion systems are easy to transport and deploy and are the most affordable VTOL platforms for cameras and other sensor payloads in the industry. Deployed world-­ wide and used in a range of in-­ the-­ field applications, Rotomotion offers five models of helicopter UAVs, with payloads from up to fifty lbs., endurance up to four hours, and electric, gasoline, and diesel or alcohol engine options. With experienced in-­ house UAV engineering and manufacturing resources, Rotomotion can rapidly produce custom designed solutions to solve any customers’ requirements. For more information, visit

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No runway needed

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