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Rotomotion, located in Charleston, South Carolina, designs and manufactures easy-­ to-­ operate helicopter UAVs and flight control systems. Rotomotion systems are easy to transport and deploy and are the most affordable VTOL platforms for cameras and other sensor payloads in the industry. Deployed world-­ wide and used in a range of in-­ the-­ field applications, Rotomotion offers five models of helicopter UAVs, with payloads from up to fifty lbs., endurance up to four hours, and electric, gasoline, and diesel or alcohol engine options. With experienced in-­ house UAV engineering and manufacturing resources, Rotomotion can rapidly produce custom designed solutions to solve any customers’ requirements. For more information, visit

  • 459 Jessen Lane
  • Suite C
  • Charleston, SC 29492-7979
  • United States
  • Phone: 843-971-7455
  • Toll Free: 843-972-0294
  • Fax: 843-971-9774
  • Website:

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SR5 Parvus


Rotomotion announced its smallest professional short endurance electric Vertical Take Off and Land Unmanned Aerial System (VTOL UAS), the SR5 Parvus. The SR5 is the most advanced professional VTOL UAS in its weight and payload class providing military-­grade autonomous flight with features such as stable hoover, event-­ driven automatic craft return and pre-­loaded map and flight path tracking that allows in-­flight switching between manual and autonomous modes. The SR5 provides about 20 minutes of flight time and includes a 10X optical zoom SD camera that streams video to the ground controller in real time. The SR5’s state-­of-­ the-­art design and materials combined with Rotomotion’s autonomous flight controller provides the longest flight time and highest payload-­to-­aircraft weight ratio of any VTOL in its class. The complete take-­off weight is less than 5 lbs, including the quick-­change Lithium Polymer battery, a critical factor when deployment requires transportation on foot.

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