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Stat Swab


StatSwab is a rapid, on-site drug test device that uses oral fluids to test for up to 10 drugs. Officers can use Statswab in situations where impairment is apparent, but a breath alcohol device shows a low reading or no reading. Samples are collected in about 3 minutes in a non-invasive manner in front of dash cam. To use place the collection sponge between the cheek and gum in the back inside of cheek where saliva glands are. The sponge wicks the saliva. Switch sides at 1 ½ minutes for duration of test. Donor then places the saturated sponge into the Collection chamber, evidence tape seals it. In approximately 3 minutes remove label and view results. Officer never touches the test and dash cam films it all. Saliva is held in airtight chamber if further confirmation into evidence is needed. Distributed by Micro-Distributing.

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