Just Right Carbines LLC

Just Right Carbines LLC

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  • 231 Saltonstall St.
  • Canandaigua, NY 14424
  • Phone: 858-396-1551
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Just Right Carbine - 2010 Innovation Awards Winner

Product From Just Right Carbines LLC

The Just Right Carbine, by Just Right Carbines LLC and available through Early & Modern Firearms Co., is a multi-caliber carbine, available in 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP and soon, .22. The JR Carbine works with the simple and reliable blowback operation and utilizes standard AR-15 furniture and trigger components. It comes standard with the Glock Mag/Mag Well, but it can also be converted for use with other popular pistol magazines (Beretta, SIG, XD, S&W). The bolt handle & ejection port is ambidextrous. All AR-15 accessories are compatible with the flat top receiver and quad rail forend. The Tri-Flatted Barrel Design offers stability & cooling during rapid fire. This carbine offers convenience and practicality of being able to use the same magazines for both your sidearm and carbines and can change with the changing needs of your department. The easy interchangeability of calibers (through a conversion kit), means users can also practice muscle memory for a duty weapon while shooting less expensive and more affordable .22 caliber ammo.

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