Simulation Technology LLC

Simulation Technology LLC

Company Details:
747 Herra Dr., Unit B
Elburn, IL 60119

Phone: 630-365-3400
Fax: 630-365-3401

Simulation Technology (Sim Tech) is a leading design and manufacturing corporation for Driver Training Simulators for First Responders.  Using the authentic cockpits of vehicles and apparatus and working with the teams of the vehicle manufacturers, Sim Tech delivers a high-level driver sim in vehicle dynamics that utilize CAN-Bus technology for realistic communication and operations of the IP's, gauge clusters, and rocker switch panels.  

Sim Tech's driver sims come standard with a 230+ degree True-Field-of-View of five 46" HD LCD monitors.  Complete with Instructor Operator Stations (IOS), scenario curriculum, scenario building tools, and a minimum 2 years of warranty.  All of this runs on one computer; a first for the industry.

Not only are Sim Tech's driver sims great for decision making in situations of risk, but they offer incredible skills handling capabilities.

Sim Tech also specializes in mobile classroom trailers.  Our new trailer manufacturer provides a custom built trailer, with maximum insulation, for equipment reliability, and Instructor/Operator longivity.

Our New Full Cab Motion system has been a huge hit at recent shows, and is now standard on all models.  The most common comment was, "Wow, now THAT feels more like a real vehicle!"