Stealth Safe Co.

Company Details:
4440 Industrial St.
Simi Valley, Calif. 93063

Phone: 800-248-7233
Fax: 805-526-1352

More than twenty years ago, this family owned business started with an idea that an in the floor safe did not have to be high priced and made of steel. If the safe is installed properly in the ground, it could be made of a different type of material and have a steel collar which sticks out of the ground. The company's originator came up with the idea that he could make the safe out of a polystyrene material that would make the safe less expense to produce and yet would hold up to the rigors of being installed in concrete. From the family's garage came the first polystyrene safes.

Twenty years and five patents later, the company continues to manufacture an improved version of the steel-collared polystyrene safe known as Mini-Vaults, for either the concrete or the wood floor of any home, store and RV.


Stealth gun safes

Stealth gun safes

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