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Ballistic Under Garment Gear (BUGG)

Product From NO GAMES GEAR

Manufactured by No Games Gear and available through ADS, the Ballistic Under Garment Gear, (the BUGG) is designed to save lives. It offers ballistic protection to a typically unprotected vital area. The BUGG has a lightweight and comfortable design that can be worn every shift with no distortion of the uniform. The BUGG is worn under a police officer’s uniform; therefore the officer is more prepared to face whatever threat presents itself. The BUGG is ballistic protection designed to protect a police officer’s femoral artery and upper thigh region. The BUGG is basically a pair of athletic, compression shorts that will be worn under the police officer’s uniform. The compression shorts have an open ended pocket that is sewn onto the outside. The BUGG also comes with a pair of ballistic pads. These ballistic pads are simply inserted into the outside pocket. The ballistic pads that are inserted into the pockets are comparable to LEVEL IIIA, which is the same threat level as most police officer’s bullet proof vests. The BUGG has been endorsed by three prominent physicians and has been field tested and shot. 

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