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What is BobCOP?  Besides being The Official Citizens Online Reporting System™

We're a company that supports law enforcement at all levels. Our products are well-thought out and designed to work with everyone and bringing your agency a substantial cost savings.

Contact us about our new BobCOP Cloud RIMS (Records Information Management System) and our latest Mobile Ready Global Alliance Network BLUEPRINT for Success – BobCOP TSUNAMI

Task Shared Universal Networked Advanced Multi-Intelligence System

BobCOP with the City of Drew Police Department have teamed together with local agencies to become part of an advanced multi-jurisdictional and task sharing information system in order to bring more accountability and uniformity of strategic functions for law enforcement vital for today’s technology, officer safety and agency costs.

Local rural agencies along with small to medium departments are having an issue with being able to keep on top with technical programs essential for basic law enforcement.  Most programs are old and substantially out-dated with the cost for new and improved systems out of the question.

Drew Police Department Cyber Crimes and Technology Unit has partnered with BobCOP to develop and maintain a universal system that will allow local agencies to connect and share vital information in real-time and assist with many important areas of investigations and community protection and is funded by the National Rural Law Enforcement Association (NRLEA) Foundational Grant to assist in the cost of creating the system.  Once the system is created and implemented the agencies are offered this system at a cost that is affordable bringing into compliance with federal mandates established by the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with respect to interoperability and information sharing.

This system is designed to bring all law enforcement and communities together with cross-sharing of information created in a simple environment that is easy to understand. 

Costs of running a police agency are going up and through the roof and our approach is to not only provide you with a plan and product that supports your community but to bring you into the twenty-first century.

BobCOP works with you to find the best solution and at a cost you can afford. We are the first software solutions company that created the Law Enforcement Social Media 2.0. Our BobCOP System does exactly this and it has been out since 2004 for police. Social media and content with the ability to communicate with your citizens are a must in today's world. BobCOP has established this service and the ability for you to start using our systems quickly and easily are a testament to our commitment to quality service.

BobCOP Support gives you that personal touch by working with you. We give you our personal attention. Just ask any of our clients about our response time and ability to listen and help you with any questions you might have, even if they don't refer to our systems.

Ideas and the creation of those ideas we thrive on. We understand that you need to have the ability to work with someone about an idea you might have. We work it out with you so you will understand what it is and if it's a good one, we'll create it for you. Our efforts work with you in order for us to find the solution to your needs and add them to our next versions when they roll out.

We're proud to be the first and continued company that has created Law Enforcement Social Media products with services for police. It's a must in today's world. You can't afford to be left behind.

BobCOP Cloud is now in force. We're completing our design of the BobCOP Cloud computing to bring you the latest in state-of-the-are solutions to give you faster, safer, stronger and better solutions for all your police needs from RMS, reporting and communications. Tired of the old slow expensive programs you currently are using? For a one-time cost for switching to us, your yearly costs afterwards significantly decreases with increased productivity.

BobCOP is not just a company, it's a way of service to police and all governments including city services. We will service your entire city and bring to you a quality service that you will rest easy at night. Give us a call today and we'll take care of the rest.

Not just on the edge - Leading the edge.  BobCOP is the latest in advanced online police reporting for the general public to submit a report online to any police department mostly for non-suspect crimes.  It is the latest of our 1996 'Police Ticket' system that was created over ten years ago to offer an online system for law enforcement to use.


Now days we have more and more agencies using and utilizing the Internet like never before and we have advanced our system to offer to our current and future customers the latest in online reporting by offering a solution that is simple and effective to use.