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Founded in 2003, Reality Mobile is expanding the frontiers of mobile technology by giving users access to video, data and expertise throughout their organization and the world at the push of a button. With the RealityVision software platform users access real-time, forensic grade video to be virtually on-the-ground with their colleagues to proactively address problems and improve employee safety and security, incident response, loss prevention and other critical functions. With the RealityVision

Screencast™ feature, users can, on an ad-hoc basis, stream any portion of a computer screen to any user on the network, sharing video, dynamic data visualizations and critical information in an instant.

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RealityVision 2.5.3


Reality Mobile today announced the availability of RealityVision version 2.5.3 which delivers full support for video feeds from the Verint Nextiva video management system. As a result, users will be able to seamlessly tie into IP video feeds from fixed cameras connected to the Nextiva system from their mobile devices, enabling them to better monitor remote areas and respond quickly to developing situations. With the integration of the two platforms, the highly scalable solution is now applicable in a range of remote monitoring situations. Built on industry-standard infrastructure and operable on any wireless network including cellular and satellite, RealityVision allows enterprise users to instantly and collectively visualize high-value assets and data with colleagues anywhere in the world. With the RealityVision platform, users can securely transmit live streaming video and data from virtually any source, including smart phones, high-definition cameras, laptops and desktops and share it immediately with any and all system users. RealityVision integrates with Nextiva through a custom video adapter that makes live and archived video feeds available to any device connected to the network through RealityVision's secure server. Further, live Nextiva video feeds that support point, tilt and zoom controls can be maneuvered from devices connected to RealityVision's network.

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