KIPP provides both business and government clients top quality support in intelligence, strategy and risk management through a wide variety of training and consulting services.  We have developed a reputation for top-notch subject matter expertise for both the public sector (federal, state and local) and private sector (small business to Fortune 500 companies) bringing together teams with the highest quality knowledge and abilities, reflecting decades of expert experience.


We currently provide Terrorism Liaison Officer training for DHS-funded fusion centers throughout California, and Infrastructure Liaison Officer training for the FBI's Infragard program.

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The Human Skills: Elicitation & Interviewing

Product From KIPP INC.

The Human Skills Elicitation & Interviewing by Frank Stopa

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"We...didn't foresee getting any...statement...due to his background (hardened, ex-prison inmate). Using all your rapport building techniques...the suspect confessed to being at the murder."

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