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With over 300 years of combined experience in law enforcement and related equipment sales, Dana Safety Supply (DSS) is one of the largest and most experienced high-tech police supply distributors in the U.S. Whether you work with a municipal, county, state, federal or global law enforcement agency, you can rely upon our knowledgeable staff of law enforcement experts, who also serve as technical consultants to leading manufacturers.

DSS offers the finest quality law enforcement duty equipment and products, unsurpassed service and competitive prices, exclusively to law enforcement professionals. In order to maintain our company’s integrity, we routinely verify law enforcement status before shipping products.


Our 6 retail locations, phone centers, and on-hand inventory enable us to work efficiently and cost-effectively with law enforcement professionals to identify, deliver and install top-quality equipment.



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Battle Bracelet


These are handmade from a minimum of 20 feet of parachute (550) cord and can be unraveled by the user in an emergency situation if the need for ultra-strong cord is needed for survival. These bracelets are very strong, durable, mildew / UV resistant and completely machine washable. They carry a lifetime warranty from defects, and will be replaced free of charge if ever used during a survival situation.

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