Company Details:
Dubai Airport Free Zone, 5EB Office No. 633
P.O. Box No. 124010
Dubai, Dubai 124010 United Arab Emirates

Phone: +9714 299 5886
Fax: +9714 299 5887

Stratign FZCO is a UAE based company, Established in the year 2002.We providing customized solutions for Communication Surveillances, Signal Analysis, Communication Security and Jamming Systems. Below is the List of Our Products.

1.  Communication Surveillance:-

  •  Semi Active GSM Monitoring System 
  • Passive GSM Monitoring System
  • CDMA Monitoring System
  • Portable Thuraya Monitoring System
  • Fixed Thuraya Monitoring System
  • Voice and Fax Logger
  • Wi-Fi Monitoring System
  • Portable Microwave Communication Collection and Processing System
  • Turnkey VSAT Communication Interception    System
  • Satellite Monitoring System
  • Iridium Monitoring System

2.  Communication Security

  • Secure GSM Phone
  • Integrated Voice, Fax and Data Encryptor   
  • Satellite Phone Encryptor
  • VHF/ UHF Digital Encryption Modules

3.  Jamming Systems

  • Briefcase Jammer
  • Manpack jammer
  • Cell Phone Jammer      
  • UAV Jammer
  • GPS Jammer
  • Radio Reconnaissance and Jamming  Station
  • Versatile Jamming Set
  • VSAT Integrated Jamming System
  • Vehicular Jammer

      4.  Signal Analysis

  • Multi-channel Signal Analysis Station
  • Speech Analysis System
  • Document Analysis System
  • HF/VHF/UHF Digital Tuner
  • Wide Band Recorder
  • Voice Analyzer
  • Wide Band Direction Finding System
  • VLF/LF/HF Receiver
  • Advance Digital Spectrum analyzer
  • DCME Analysis and Monitoring System

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Semi Active GSM Monitoring or Interception System