Katana Forensics, LLC was founded in 2010 to address the growing need for "niche" tools in the mobile forensics market. Its "one device, one tool" philosophy means lower costs, better and more accurate data, and solutions that do not violate device manufacturers' intellectual property rights. The Maryland-based company offers training solutions in addition to software.

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From Katana Forensics, LANTERN enables forensic investigators to perform logical acquisitions from the Apple iPhone. Its focus on one tool allows the low-cost Lantern to extract more data than other commonly used mobile forensic tools. Additionally, it allows for granular extraction and analysis of mobile evidence, so examiners can pick and choose which data they want to recover as they build cases. In addition, Lantern's focus on a single device allows examiners to validate the tool more easily than they can with other tools. LANTERN features keyword searches on the iPhone's Dynamic Text Database, proof of deleted SMS, and Open Artifacts Directory for proper forensic imaging and analysis. Its features also include the capture of photos with EXIF data and GPS coordinates, maps with GPS history and bookmarks, and the ability to capture multiple iPhones in one case.

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