Rescue Essentials specializes in serving the needs of emergency medical professionals, from Wilderness First Responders to Combat Medics and Tactical Trainers. Whether your area of interest is outdoor recreation, tactical medicine or any other form of pre-hospital care, Rescue Essentials is your low-cost supplier for the latest in medical supplies. We manufacture the highest quality modules, casualty response equipment and wilderness first aid kits.

We are proud to offer the SINGLE SOURCE SOLUTION to meet our customers' unique needs. Rescue Essentials provides a number of pre-made, off-the-shelf products for casualty response; however, there are times when the medical professional needs a specific selection of products to serve a particular need or a unique product and they just can't find it. That's where the Single Source Solution comes in to play.

With our state of the art kit-packing operation and our exhaustive sourcing efforts we are able to source and assemble just about any selection of products that our customer specifies. From vacuum-packed modules to custom containers we ARE the Single Source Solution.

If your needs include custom products or assemblies, please contact us.

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Casualty Response Kits


RESCUE ESSENTIALS recognizes that many of its customers are professionals, and have assembled numerous jump kits and trauma bags over their careers. This series is designed for those who need to update their kits with the latest advances in supplies and treatment protocols. To that end RESCUE ESSENTIALS has assembled an offering of casualty response kits that can be added to existing kits or used as stand-alone components of specific use. Using only the highest quality supplies from some of the company's best suppliers are proud to offer law enforcement these professional level additions. From North American Rescue's Black Talon Gloves (the gold standard of nitrile gloves with their extra long cuffs and amazing strength that almost eliminates blowouts) to the latest in compression bandages and tourniquets, RESCUE ESSENTIALS is confident officers will find must-have components to add to their current kit.

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