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About Fortress Technologies
Fortress Technologies develops secure wireless networking products for government markets. With a solid history of delivering reliable, policy-compliant solutions that are rugged, proven, and easily deployed, Fortress has established itself as the clear leader in secure wireless networking. Across the public sector, both military and civilian customers rely on Fortress to securely deliver mission related information that supports critical decision making, situational awareness, and force protection. Currently deployed in some of the world's most demanding environments, Fortress products support vital operations including deployable communications, outdoor network extensions, and vehicle based networks.

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Fortress Headquarters

4023 Tampa Road, Suite 2200
Oldsmar, FL 34677
Telephone +1.813.288.7388
Toll Free +1.888.477.4822
Fax +1.813.288.7389


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Fortress ES210 Tactical Mesh Point


Fortress Technologies Launches Man-Wearable Tactical Mesh Point, Mesh Viewer Solutions 

Company Enables Easy Deployment, Management, and Monitoring of On-the-Move Wireless Networks

Fortress Technologies' new solution enables the easy deployment, management and monitoring of on-the-move wireless networks. The Fortress ES210 Tactical Mesh Point is a wireless mesh networking solution designed specifically to be worn by individuals or used for edge devices such as surveillance cameras, unmanned vehicles and sensors. Fortress Mesh Viewer enables users to monitor the health and performance of an established mesh network. The Fortress ES210 Tactical Mesh Point allows individuals to carry the network with them while on foot or in vehicles. Combined with Mesh Viewer, agencies now have the ability to remotely track, manage and monitor the nodes within the mesh network from a central location. A self-forming, self-healing mesh network device that is delivered in a small and rugged form factor with integrated GPS and FIPS 140-2 compliant security, the ES210 Tactical Mesh Point provides dependable performance in a wide range of conditions including arctic, desert, tropical, and maritime environments. Fortress Mesh Viewer provides information on the health of nodes, and connectivity between the nodes, within a mesh network. When combined with device location data, it easily integrates with popular situational awareness tools such as Google Earth to display node positions.

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