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About Mutualink, Inc.

Mutualink is an IP based multimedia interoperable communications company that enables radio, telephone, video and data to be shared on a real time, dynamic incident basis. Mutualink has gained rapid acceptance because of its ease of use, ease of deployment, low cost and full featured capabilities. Mutualink enables communities to create a large scale, real time interoperable emergency communications networks at a reasonable cost while getting best of breed features and capabilities. Mutualink was recently deployed by a consortium of 22 hospitals and health facilities in northern New Jersey as part of its all hazards preparedness initiative connecting them to OEMs and to numerous first responders as well as other community assets such as malls and a local stadium. Additionally, five key law enforcement agencies, including the Pentagon Force Protection Agency utilized Mutualink's platform during the Presidential inauguration, providing the agencies with seamless communications interoperability and real time video surveillance sharing during the event.


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Dawn Odams
Mutualink, Inc.
Phone: (978) 392-0040 x101
Email: Dawn Odams

1269 South Broad Street
Wallingford, CT 06492
(866) 957-5465

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Smartphone Commander


Mutualink's public safety smartphone-powered interoperable gateway device, the Smartphone Commander, is a mobile handheld interoperable device that provides anywhere, anytime field functionality on Mutualink’s secure distributed ad-hoc multi-media interoperable emergency communications resource sharing platform. The Smartphone Commander enables on scene incident commanders to create incident defined interoperable communication sessions, invite participants and contribute and remove disparate communication assets on the fly, including two-way radio, video, telephony and data. The Smartphone Commander operates on Google’s Android mobile platform, advancing Mutualink’s design philosophy of maintaining an open, standards-based architecture. The Commander works on the cellular carrier’s 3G data network or over a WiFi network. Mutualink’s unique multimedia interoperable emergency communications platform enables real-time interoperable communications sharing across disparate communications assets and agencies, including two radios, mobile and landline phones, video and data, on a dynamic “invitation” and incident basis. Through its unique architecture and operational model, each agency retains control of its communications assets, resolving thorny autonomy and control issues that often prevent or limit multiple agencies from working together. Participants on Mutualink’s interoperable communication resource sharing network maintain radio, video and other communication resource control by accepting or rejecting invitations, contributing or removing their communication assets and exiting incidents at their discretion. Ad-hoc interoperable communications are instantly established and may be modified in realtime based on the need, stage and condition of incidents. Mutualink’s distributed ad-hoc multi-peer based architecture eliminates single agency or “trusted third party control” fostering community wide participation.

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