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Sentinel RX


The Sentinel RX is a major step forward in mobilizing security surveillance. ProActive Technology Solution's RX is a handheld wireless remote surveillance monitor that provides school safety patrol personnel, emergency responders and law enforcement officers the freedom of movement and mobility. When unauthorized access or suspicious behavior is detected, an appropriate response can easily be coordinated with patrolling safety and local law enforcement officers through the use of this handheld device. The Sentinel RX remote devices enable campus security, law enforcement and emergency responders to view the activity under surveillance from their vehicles or anywhere away from the command center and follow its progress as they enter the locality. When seconds count, this feature reduces the response time to critical situations while providing necessary intelligence for situational analysis and appropriate action assessment. Patrolling law enforcement officers can remotely monitor activities of campus and school hallways, study labs, lecture halls, gymnasiums, auditoriums, libraries, cafeterias, dormitory common areas, as well as stairwells and all building access points with complete mobility. Embedded software enables the operator to individually access multiple servers and isolate any surveillance camera views on the entire system and up to four camera stations on the screen at a time to closely monitor specific activities, occurrences or behavior at particular locations. In addition to the main command center, the RX can support law enforcement by providing the ability to set up emergency viewing stations virtually anywhere within system range to target specific areas of schools, college campuses, office buildings or even shopping malls.

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