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SuperFabric materials

Product From D3O LAB

d3o Lab joined with SuperFabric brand materials to produce multi function motorcycle protectors certified to EN1621-1. d3o’s material is softer than the original d3o formulation, 25 percent lighter, and even better performance. This means that d3o components are comfortable, completely moulding to and officer's body so they are almost undetectable inside the jacket and pants. d3o have also boosted the performance of the protectors by joining forces with SuperFabric to produce a protector that provides not only impact protection, but also unsurpassed abrasion resistance. This offers riders a second chance in case the outerwear fabric doesn’t stand up to the abrasion of a fall. SuperFabric brand technology takes a base fabric such as nylon, polyester, etc. and overlays it with tiny, hard plates (“guard plates”) in a specific arrangement. The gaps between guard plates allow complete flexibility and are small enough to resist sharp objects from penetrating. By using d3o SuperFabric protectors officers have the added security of knowing that they are not only protected by d3o’s intelligent molecules, but also by the high performance abrasion shield that SuperFabric brings.

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