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Tactical Response Armored Car

Product From DOLMEN CORP.

The Tactical Response Armored Car (TRAC), manufactured by the Dolmen Corp., provides law enforcement personnel with greater safety, versatility and speed of response from an armored vehicle. Built on a compact armored vehicle platform with tank-like, all-terrain tracks, the TRAC is a virtual "swiss-army knife" with multiple attachments that come with quick change couplers that can be deployed quickly to meet just about any urban law enforcement situation. Attachments include an assault platform, breaching ram with wireless camera, grapple bucket, vehicle extraction tool, and other custom options. The TRAC is small enough to fit in corridors, freight elevators, and high-rise buildings but large enough to carry 8 or more personnel. The vehicle’s assault platform, with level II, III, or IV armor plating, top, bottom, front, and side protection, with matching ballistic glass, is one of its main features. The curved platform has three large windows that give officers an unobstructed view with armor protection, making direct line-of-sight assessment and response possible. A custom transport truck gives TRAC and its attachments the portability to quickly go where needed, speeding officer response time. The transport truck is more maneuverable in traffic and confined urban settings than a truck-hauled trailer.

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