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SIMmersion LLC


Interview and Interrogation training using an advanced simulation

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Hands-on Interview and Interrogation Training System (HIITS)

Product From SIMmersion LLC

SIMmersion Hands-on Interview and Interrogation Training System (HIITS) with Jennifer Lerner Simulation trains law enforcement, security, and intelligence professionals how to assess a suspect's veracity and effectively garner a confession. The software user becomes an investigator called to Jennifer's workplace. Sensitive files are missing, and their loss could have catastrophic effects on the organization. Users must gain Jennifer's trust, get her thoughts on the theft, be attentive to nonverbal cues and signs of deception, and determine if she took the files. If Jennifer is guilty, they must identify her motive and use it to solicit a confession. Users can choose to say nearly anything to Jennifer; the options change in reaction to Jennifer's responses. Jennifer is played by an actor, has a memory, and portrays real emotions. The software includes instant feedback from a help coach, over four hours of e-learning, and an assessment of each conversation.

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