Sanborn offers products and services that satisfy customer needs for geographic and location-based information from data capture through the design and development of custom applications including systems integration, spatial analysis, and modeling. Leveraging a 140 year history of precision remote sensing capabilities and technology, Sanborn delivers a wide range of high-quality capabilities from traditional ground surveys, cadastral mapping, aerial surveys, and imagery analysis, to advanced web-based information systems and state of the art 3D visualization systems.

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  • USA
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Product From SANBORN

Sanborn CityViz software provides integrated command center operation functions within a single turnkey system and performs as a decision support and visualization system for analysis of geospatial information. CityViz capabilities include tools for 2D and 3D visualization that can be integrated with other applications providing a seamless ability to analyze, plan and react in real time to events. The system is designed as multi-pane interface providing a common operating picture for monitoring response, planning, training, review and analysis.

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