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CDEX develops and markets innovative chemical detection technologies with a vision for saving lives and protecting assets. Our patented products use enhanced photoemission spectroscopy to identify and validate substances in difficult-to-monitor environments. With its full-formulary introduction of the ValiMed System in 2007 to validate high-risk medications, CDEX has earned its place as a respected authority in medication safety. The recently debuted ID2 Meth Scanner is CDEX's revolutionary tool in the growing battle against methamphetamine abuse and its toxic impact on the general public.

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ID2 Meth Scanner

Product From CDEX

CDEXs' ID2 Meth Scanner makes identifying methamphetamine as simple as point and click. This patented handheld battery operated scanner is ideal for detecting "meth" on virtually all dry surfaces, including, skin, clothing, plastics, wood, masonry and metals. It features a laser pointer for pinpointing the meth's location, an easy to read "in range" gauge and "meth" indicator to eliminate user guesswork. With this scanner, there is no need for messy, expensive "test kits", touching or handling the drug, clean up or destruction of evidence.

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