SurfRecon provides leading pornography detection tools for law enforcement. These tools are specifically geared towards field searches and triage.You can download a free copy of SurfRecon from the SurfRecon website.

  • 510 E. Technology Ave.
  • Bldg. C, Suite 1100
  • Orem, UT 84097
  • USA
  • Phone: 801-995-4300
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SurfRecon's image-hash-value database for safe, sexual, pornographic and child-pornographic images currently contains more than 120 million image hash values. An image hash value functions much like a digital fingerprint, allowing the SurfRecon Elite pornography-detection tool to quickly and accurately categorize image files found on a computer system. SurfRecon has been building the database for the past year by accepting submissions from trusted sources, as well as from its own internal efforts. SurfRecon categorizes image hash values to achieve two goals: First, it allows an officer in the field to find and accurately identify as many computer images as possible; and second, it reduces the number of unidentified images that an officer must manually process. SurfRecon's goal is to allow an officer in the field to quickly scan a computer and take the appropriate action needed to keep our communities safe.

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