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Soft-Sided Tactical Cleaning Kit

Product From HOPPE'S

The soft-sided Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit from Hoppe's contains all the tools needed to clean and maintain law enforcement and military weapons for optimal performance and reliability. The compact folding case includes a cleaning rod and small, medium and large caliber brushes that will fit anything from .22 to .45 caliber handguns and rifles. There is also a 12-gauge brush adapter and an M16 breach brush with pick. Also included are a lint-free gun cloth and supply of cleaning patches. The Tactical Kit comes complete with M-Pro7 gun oil and gun cleaner. Convenience and versatility are built into the kit. For easier bore cleaning there is a screwdriver handle to use in place of the T-handle. All the cleaning brushes are stored in plastic tubes to keep the kit clean and organized.

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