Our company has developed and patented a "Strait Jacket for the Hands" used for transporting high risk prisoners. We have found that our product, which is used in conjunction with handcuffs, covers the hands and prevent them from being free to grab results in greater safety for the transporting officers and the public. KuFBagâ„¢ deters violence by unruly prisoners as well as significantly reduces damage to police vehicles and other equipment used in transporting prisoners.

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  • Website: http://www.kufbag.com/

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Product From KUFBAG INC.

The KuFBag is a reliable, reusable, nylon-fabric restraint designed to enhance the safe transportation of prisoners. Primarily designed to cover the hands and fingers, it accommodates different applications of metal and plastic cuffs, such as black boxes and waist chains or belts. Beginning with the simple design of separate, double-stitched compartments for each hand, the KuFBag uses a combination of heavy-duty, triple lock on a VELCRO strap, VELCRO wrist straps, and heavy-duty plastic ties at the top around each wrist for extra security. Further options can include leg straps and D-ring accommodation of the waist chain or belt. Exceptionally violent prisoners already transported in the KuFBag have simply been unable to escape. These options have been developed by correctional and law enforcement departments. However, for medical treatment, the simplest design is available without the metal options, allowing X-ray and MRI treatments. The KuFBag is washable, re-usable, and a proven enhancement to existing restraints for the safety of first responders (police officers, deputies, military police, and special operations fighters) and corrections officials.

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