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GSP navigation USB receiver

Product From AMBICOM INC.

The AmbiCom high performance GPS Navigation USB receiver has proven SiRF StarIII single chipset architecture incorporated within its small form factor. It offers the highest level of sensitivity at (-159dBm) for fast signal acquiring and updating. It has superior accuracy with 20 channels satellite tracking ability. Other forms of navigation software are also compatible with NMEA-0183 GPS standard, in conjunction with AmbiCom's Navigation USB Receiver. Aviation, nautical and hiking software are some examples. Features include: Sensitive SiRF StarIII Chipset, 20 parallel satellites channels, SBAS(WAAS, EGNOS-Euro Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) option, plug-n-play USB GPS, full navigation accuracy, small footprint, Internal real time clock, low power consumption and water-resistant.

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