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Evidence Hound


Evidence Hound, an evidence tracking software solution by TEKLYNX International and Data Support Inc has been built on TEKLYNX BACKTRACK Asset and Inventory Tracking Software, the application is custom-designed to document law enforcement evidence chain-of-custody. Evidence Hound presents an on-screen form to enter evidence information into the database. The evidence can be grouped into a case or multiple cases to associate the item with other evidence or even other investigations. Several fields offer drop-down menus so the user can simply select the desired entry rather than type in the information - this speeds the process and improves accuracy. BACKTRACK includes a label designer so users can design and print their own barcode and human-readable tags. Evidence Hound also offers major advances in reporting with many pre-formatted reports and the flexibility to quickly and easily design additional reports. It eliminates manual report writing and reduces errors since tracking reports are printed instantly directly from the system.

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