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DRIFIRE develops, manufactures and markets Performance FR fabrics and garments. Dedicated to ongoing innovation, DRIFIRE is designed to provide the optimal combination of moisture management, flame resistance and comfort that is all inherent to the fabric. In addition to the current silk-weight line of next-to-skin garments, DRIFIRE has launched mid-weight, heavy-weight and fleece weight garments as components of a complete multi-layer Performance FR garment system.

  • 3151 Williams Rd., Suite E
  • Columbus, GA 31909
  • USA
  • Phone: 706-507-7555
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 706-507-7556
  • Website: http://www.drifire.com

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Performance FR T-shirt

Product From DRIFIRE

DRIFIRE manufactures a complete line of Performance FR wear that helps wick moisture away from the body keeping it cool and dry, thereby reducing heat stress and heat exhaustion all while providing a level of flame resistant protection. The silk-weight, short sleeve T-shirt helps keep concealable carriers dryer and odor free. DRIFIRE garments contain Microban, which helps eliminate mildew and bacteria that can form under body armor. DRIFIRE garments are perfect for wicking sweat and keeping wearers dry, especially those wearing body armor. With its added protection of flame resistance.

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