Bryant Group

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310 N. Front St., Suite 4345
Wilmington, NC 28401

Phone: 305-766-0170

The  BRYANT  GROUP  provides Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Analysis, Contingency Planning, Technical Consulting, Project Management, and Industrial Systems Engineering for Homeland Security and the Protection of the Nation's Critical Infrastructure. Our Physical & Operational Security Audits (POSA), incorporate Integrated Asset Protection Plans (IAPP), which include Integrated Facilities Protection Systems (IFPS) design. These designs seamlessly integrate the detection, assessment, identification & tracking of targets for government & industrial clients. This synergistic approach to Vulnerability Assessment augments traditional Industrial Security, Life Safety and Information & Telecommunications Systems with the implementation of the appropriate Countermeasure methods.

We perform Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis (TARA), Breaching & Penetration Testing, Forensic Analysis, Contingency Planning, Crises Management, Business Continuity and Homeland Security for site specific applications while preparing Impact Statements and Requirements Documentation for systems integration phases of Facility Development Plans (FDP). 

Our abilities include the fields of:  Homeland Security,Countering Terrorism, Executive/VIP Protection, Bomb Threat Planning & Management, Protection of Computers & Proprietary Information, Telecommunications & Information Technologies, Technical Surveillance & Countermeasures (TSCM), Telephony,  Sound Masking, Electronic & Physical Security, Closed Circuit Television Video Assessment, Electronic Intrusion Detection, Integrated Access Control, Fire Detection & Suppression, Fiber Optics, Robotics, and other professional protection services. 

We are prepared to bring to your organization the experienced personnel and state-of-the-art support equipment necessary to plan, design and implement Life Safety, Security and Risk Management Policies, Procedures, and Programs for your personnel and facilities. 

Our experience in the protection of numerous government & industrial installations worldwide include:  Government Agencies, DOD Facilities, DOE Facilities, Defense Contractors, Public Utilities, High Technology Manufacturing,  Pharmaceuticals,  Medical Centers,  Universities,  Museums,  Financial Institutions, Refinement, Transportation & Storage of Precious Commodities, as well as international Dignitaries, Executives & Famous Personalities. 

We can also provide seminars and briefings in state-of-the-art equipment, systems and techniques to executives, managers, technicians, operatives and other asset protection professionals. 

In-house training programs have been provided for numerous clients including:  Homeland Security, Risk Management,Protection of Computers & Proprietary Information, Non Violent Crises Intervention, Protection from Industrial Espionage, Industrial Security Countermeasures, Integrated Facility Protection Systems design, Executive/Dignitary Protection, Counter-Terrorism, Bomb Threat Planning & Management, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, and Investigation Techniques, Procedures & Technologies. 

These services are available either at your facilities or at locations provided by us. Subject matter and scheduling may be arranged to address your specific needs.

The  BRYANT  GROUP provides accurate and unbiased technical and operational information in these fields countering the significant amounts of misinformation which has been propagated, throughout the industry, over the years. The need for an independent Risk Management and Systems Engineering consulting firm specializing in these areas is essential due to the scarcity of other sources. We do not sell products. This unique position within the industry permits us to represent our clients based solely on their individual requirements. Other special projects are augmented with personnel who are Board Certified in Homeland Security, Board Certified Master Antiterrorism Specialists and trained & licensed special agents as may be required.  Subject Matter Expertise (SME) for Consulting, Analysis or Expert Witness Testimony is available upon request.