Biopro LLC

Biopro LLC

Company Details:
1015 N. McQueen Rd., No. 166
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Phone: 602-234-6856
Toll Free: 877-492-7549
Fax: 480-926-4985


BIOPRO is the nation's oldest biohazard cleanup company. Established in 1985 BIOPRO has responded to over 24,000 calls. is fully licensed, permitted, insured, experienced and professionally trained. BIOPRO works with all insurance companies and can provided direct billing for most homeowners. BIOPRO provides services for homicide, suicide, undiscovered death, blood, body fluids, infectious waste, human waste, decomposition, odor, accidents, disease disinfection, hoarding, trash and drug lab cleanup.

BIOPRO is a veteran owned business.