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About WorldViz
WorldViz is an industry leader in interactive virtual reality solutions. The company's flagship products are VIZARD, the VR communities favored interactive 3D content creation software, and the PPT product line, the most cost effective wide-area tracking systems currently available. WorldViz provides high quality, low-cost immersive 3D products to researchers, educators, designers, manufacturers, and other professionals, integrating all common VR peripherals on the market and delivering complete turnkey solutions.

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Precision Position Tracking (PPT-H)

Product From WORLDVIZ

The Precision Position Tracking (PPT-H) high-end tracking system--based on intelligent cameras and PPT Studio 2008 software--is a virtual reality tracking system that expands up to 32 cameras. We developed this product after carefully analyzing our customers' requirements. WorldViz designed the tracking system to cover large areas and handle full body tracking of the head, hands and feet. The PPT-H delivers real-time virtual reality tracking systems that can cover areas larger than the size of a football field while maintaining high precision and accuracy. The PPT Studio 2008 software offers a whole suite of tracking tools that provide 6DOF tracking for HMDs, CAVEs, body motion capture and many other applications.

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