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While in Disneyland for the week-long family vacation, an array of caring parents, grandparents, Disneyland staff and even police approached the family to ask where they could get a tag like it. The family was also approached by a woman who expressed this tag would offer much peace of mind as her loved one suffers from Alzheimer's and frequently wanders off. The IF LOST Tag was born.

IF LOST Tags offers simple and affordable products that are focused on returning a lost loved one.


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If Lost Tags

Product From IF LOST

IF LOST Tags offers simple and affordable safety products that can expedite the safe return of a lost loved one and saves time and financial resources for law enforcement and the community. IF LOST T-shirts, tags and stickers are a tool to protect children, elderly, and mentally or physically disabled persons in the event they should become lost, missing or separated from their loved ones in public. The simple-to-use and affordable safety products are focused on quickly and safely returning a lost loved one. Law enforcement agencies and schools are now utilizing the products, some distributing the tags at community events. IF LOST products speak for those who cannot in the crucial time and allows that person to be quickly and safely returned.

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