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Developing the Patrol Power System

In the late 90’s, Auto Additions team members sought to develop consistent ways to provide an isolated power source for the accessories installed in law enforcement vehicles, while also maintaining consistent installation results.

Initially those goals led to the use of a separate fuse block mounted under the hood and the use of high quality labeled wire that exceeded standard automotive specifications. The ideas continued to flow among the installation team that resulted in a custom fabricated panel for the most commonly used law enforcement vehicles. The panel housed the fuse block, 300 amp relay, adjustable power timer, 150 amp circuit breaker and Cross-linked Polyolephin labeled wire.

Launching Patrol Power

While the harness concept had been developed for internal use only by Auto Additions, by 2003 the demand from other law enforcement upfitters was so great, Auto Additions decided to launch Patrol Power as an independent company, supplying reputable vehicle upfitters throughout North America.

Soncell North America

In 2009, Auto Additions and Patrol Power were bought by Bowmer and Kirkland, the UK's largest privately owned construction firm, to form part of Soncell North America, a multi-channel vendor for public safety.

Made up of American Emergency Products, Decatur Electronics, Auto Additions and Patrol Power, Soncell provides a single source vendor for public safety vehicle products and upfitting.

Emergency Vehicle Wiring Systems