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Dallas, TX 75225 USA

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Orion Communications offers the AgencyWeb® Public Safety Business Management System, which bridges all aspects of an agency’s workforce and business management life cycles. AgencyWeb® is a web-based solution that uses agency business requirements to effectively manage workforce activities.

Designed as a role-based engine, AgencyWeb® matches the user’s experience in their daily goals and performance measurements. As a result, users view information based on their role and business unit that’s critical in making daily decisions.

Often, AgencyWeb® serves as an overlay solution to fill gaps in existing infrastructure, such as:

  • Scheduling Coordination
  • Time and Attendance Reporting
  • Accessing Data in Separated Systems
  • Sending/Receiving Electronic Subpoenas
  • Automating Requests and Notifications
  • Tracking Employee Activities
  • Streamlining Training Management
  • Controlling Property and Evidence
  • Managing Applicants
  • Tracking workforce Assets
  • Automating Tow Company Dispatch Management
  • Centralizing Private or Municipal Impound Lots