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Newcon Optik Ltd. was established in 1991 for the purposes of state-of-the-art optical systems manufacturing and consecutive distribution worldwide. Since then, Newcon has been successfully developing its market strategy and distribution policy for this specific business area.

The anticipation of market trends, innovative electronic engineering essential for our digital era, and our committment to high quality and customer satisfaction procurred us with steady, successful growth in our market niche. Our achievements are reflected not only in constantly growing sales; the Newcon Optik trademark is becoming recognized as one of the leading brand names worldwide. Newcon's bestsellers are efficient for military and law enforcement applications, search and rescue, surveillance, hunting, camping, marine professional, etc.

Laser aimers and illuminators, both visible and infrared
Other special optics

Newcon Optik is one of the few vertically integrated manufacturers in the world, producing both the image intensifier tubes as well as the optical components in-house. Innovative production and sourcing policies contribute to a strong price advantage over competing products without sacrificing the performance and quality. Our major R&D, manufacturing and assembly capabilities are in Canada and Europe.

Newcon Optik also benefits from globalization, which allows to source high quality, competitively priced components internationally, predominantly from acknowledged leaders of optical instrument engineering in Europe and Eastern Asia. This enables Newcon to produce sophisticated systems that meet and exceed all applicable international standards, military inclusive. Highest standards of quality, customer satisfaction guarantee, impeccable following to the announced delivery schedule, competitive pricing and other success key factors promoted Newcon Optik to internationally recognized market leader in its niche.

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NVS 22 Night Vision Sight


Night Vision Sight NVS-22 is designed as an add-on attachement to a daytime weapon scope. It is mounted on the same Picatinny rail or its extensions, with no boresight adjustment required, reducing day/night changeover to seconds. The large exit pupil allows compatibility with almost all types of existing daytime riflescopes. The field of view is wider than that of most daytime riflescope models, therefore there is no difference between day and night aiming. The waterproof NVS-22 weighs 870 grams, which is less than its competitors. Additional features include an internal focus adjustment mechanism, a 60-hour battery life, 100/F1.5 objective lens focal length. The sight measures 235mm by 98mm by 80mm.

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