Spacenet Inc.

Spacenet Inc.


Enabling faster and more reliable IP Networking - Anywhere

Spacenet designs, develops, and manages services for wireline and wireless broadband network solutions. Our high-performance communications solutions meet the needs of business, government and industrial organizations that require fast, flexible, and geographically dispersed two-way Internet or private access. Utilizing nearly 30 years of industry leading experience, Spacenet serves more than 100,000 customer locations. With our unique blend of technology leadership, solution innovation, and customer intimacy, Spacenet clients benefit from high reliability and performance, ease of installation and nationwide availability.

Spacenet solutions deliver all the benefits of the next generation IP network leveraging the best available broadband technology to deliver cost efficient and reliable communications.


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Emergency Communications Vehicle

Product From Spacenet Inc.

Spacenet Inc. introduces a new mobile Emergency Communications Vehicle (ECV) for disaster recovery and first-responder organizations. The vehicle serves as a transportable command post that can typically be deployed in 10 minutes or less and provides converged data, voice and video communications. The ECV represents Spacenet's new service offering for custom mobile emergency response vehicles. Although most vehicles the size of an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) or larger can be used for emergency response vehicles, Spacenet's vehicle is based on a GM H2 Hummer. Spacenet's ECV can include a fully integrated high-performance satellite communications link; LAN (Local Area Network) communications gear including a digital phone, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) units, laptop PC, and video surveillance equipment; and multiple power interfaces for a generator or other standby power. The satellite link is built around an auto-acquisition antenna mounted to the roof of the vehicle.

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