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The most cost-saving way to cool Police Vehicle Engines and their Air Conditioning! A MUST for all K-9 Vehicles!  RunCool® Hood Louvers were designed by a NASA Wind Tunnel Engineer to maximize hot air flow out of the engine compartment. Engines run 30° to 40° hotter than 30 years ago so the need for hood louvers is much greater!   RunCool Hood Louvers drop underhood temperature dramatically — 47° per tests  by the Pelion, S.C. Police Dept.

See for photos and recommendations from fellow Officers. Developed with the USBP and used by them today!  We're "The Most-Experienced Hood Louver Company In The World"; let us help you keep your Officers and K-9 Partners cooler and safer!  Most Police Vehicles run Size Large Hi-Flow; Police Price is $172/complete set, plus UPS.  Specify powder-coated Black or White. 

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Runcool Hood Louvers

Runcool Hood Louvers