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Real Action Paintball U.S. Special Forces Throat Mic

Product From RAP4

Real Action Paintball's U.S. Special Forces Throat Mic brings unsurpassed clarity, ruggedness and affordability to law enforcement, military, paintball and active sports. Designed for comfort, this communications system delivers outstanding sound quality and discreet interaction, making it mission essential. The Throat Mic system provides noise canceling for clear audio, which is extremely necessary in noisy environments. The Throat Mic system is VOX compatible for hands-free communication when you pair it with your VOX-capable radio. This is great for motorcycle riders, police, and others whose work requires both hands while they need to talk. The U.S. Special Force Throat Mic system also features four listening devices for different operations and needs: Special Forces, Secret Service, SWAT and Socom. The U.S. Special Forces Throat Mic system allows the team to stay in constant communication and gather, evaluate, and disseminate information to draw up strategic plans. Good communication is the key to winning battles.

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