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  • 6120 Windward Pkwy., Suite 100
  • Alpharetta, GA 30005
  • Phone: 678-624-5900
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  • Fax: 678-624-5952
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Focalpoint - 2007 Innovation Awards Winner: Corrections


Omnilink's Focalpoint provides accurate, reliable, and efficient information to effectively control, manage, and protect people and valuable assets when it matters.
The Focalpoint solution consists of a single unit device that is 100% waterproof and has the longest battery life in the industry. The device works in the most impaired environments where traditional GPS devices do not work. The solution is very easy to use as there are no special tools required to deploy, and the single unit can be remotely configured on the fly for different degrees of monitoring intensity, ensuring that users can respond to alerts in a timely fashion, ensuring optimum public safety and vital asset protection. Omnilink's precision algorithms provide for the most accurate location information in the industry that does not suffer from the drift issues typical of GPS based solutions. Omnilink's Focalpoint application provides an industry-first mobile zone capability that makes it possible to create a safety zone around the person through the use of commercial cell phones, and be able to detect if an offender is within proximity of this person, anywhere the person is at anytime.

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