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Portable Hot Box

Product From MOSEBACH MFG. CO.

In a disaster recovery situation, keeping rescue personnel and victims warm and comfortable can make all the difference. Electrical resistor specialist, Mosebach Manufacturing Company, introduces the HotBox, a durable, portable industrial heater, ideal for warming enclosed tents and other temporary shelters. Made of rugged, fire-resistant plastic, the lightweight HotBox is approximately the size of a typical piece of carry-on luggage (28 in. x 18 in. x 15 in). With rubber wheels that roll easily over rough surfaces and a retractable handle, the unit is easy to transport, even to hard-to-reach locations. It cools quickly and can be stacked for storage. Despite its small size, HotBox delivers powerful heat, with an advanced Mosebach heating element and a high velocity centrifugal blower that propels heat further. The electric unit is capable of delivering up to 147,000 BTUs of heat, bringing a space up to temperature quickly, without the hazards typically associated with fuel powered heaters. A three-position thermostat, with full off, fan only, and temperature ranges from 40º - 150º F provides a range of temperature control options.The HotBox is currently available in 240-volt 1 and 3 phase configurations; and 480 or 600-volt 3 phase configurations.

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