METI, Medical Education Technologies Inc.

METI, Medical Education Technologies Inc.

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Emergency Care Simulator

Product From METI, Medical Education Technologies Inc.

Medical Education Technologies Inc. (METI) has developed the ECS, a lifelike and medically authentic simulation system. The Emergency Care Simulator (ECS) represents a streamlined system of physiological models, with anatomical believability and real pharmacology, that will help emergency professionals-in-training learn to recognize, treat and communicate any conceivable extent of trauma or illness. The mannequin's eyes blink and it has METI's airway management for realistic intubation, with a chest that visibly rises and falls. With the ECS, training sessions can take place in actual settings, from a busy urban intersection to the interior of an air-medical transport helicopter. It comes with 12 pre-packaged scenarios. Airway, trauma, cardiac, CPR, pulses, blood pressure, neurological, and circulatory skills with an IV arm are some of the features included with this system.

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