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Product From LEOGLO

LEOGLO offers its cockpit illumination system NiteVizn. Designed by law enforcement officers in conjunction with a leading electroluminescent lighting manufacturer, NiteVizn provides advanced cockpit lighting for both the suspect and officer cabin areas of police vehicles. NiteVizn was specifically designed to address the cockpit lighting problems that officers face on a daily basis. Most police vehicle interiors have two distinct lighting zones, the officer and suspect compartments, which are separated by a partition, or "cage." Additionally, officers must balance the need for a sufficient amount of light to perform routine tasks, such as citation writing and suspect transportation, against the tactical considerations of too much light, which damages night vision and reflects off cockpit glass. NiteVizn, utilizing a light source developed jointly by the Department of Defense and private industry, was designed from the ground up to provide officers the nexus of illumination and safety.

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