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Pixelman DNV-GX2

Product From ALTRALUX

The new lightweight Pixelman DNV-GX2 Digital Night Vision Goggle allows seeing at night without being seen. Using the appropriate third-party acessories, the video in/out enables recording, displaying and transmitting all observartions.Pixelman DNV-GX2 offers a new night vision experience. Equipped with eight adjustable infrared LEDs for additional illumination it allows seeing and observing at 0 lux light. Two LCoS-Displays provide the impression of a 36-inch screen at a distance of 6 feet. Pixelman DNV-GX2 is equipped with a Sony-CCD camera with a resolution of 291,000 pixels and a patented highly light sensitve lens f1.2/16mm, which can focus from 18 inches to infinity. If suddenly exposed to bright light, the electronics will adjust automatically without being damaged. The goggle weighs only 9 ounces and includes an AC-adapter, and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

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